A growing list of commands to help you ease your everyday pain...
Different Commands to quickly organize and clean up your Document.

Create: - - - Seperator - - -

Create a smart Seperator Null for a cleaner Object-Manager. Use Modifier-Keys to insert before / after / under Idea & Development by: Arttu Rautio

Colorize Objects

Colorize selected Objects or whole Document. (No Object selected.) Hold CTRL /SHIFT or ALT to uncolorize Objects

Delete invisible Objects

Quickly deletes Objects that are hidden both from Editor and Renderer.

Delete "Empty" Material-Tags

Deletes all "Empty"Material-Tags.

Delete all Material-Tags

Deletes all Material-Tags in your current document.

Delete Third-Party-Tags

Deletes all Tags that are not build-in. Useful when working with Third-Party Renderer etc.

Delete Layer (incl. Materials/Objects)

Delete selected Layer including Materials associated to that layer. HoldCTRL + SHIFT delete Objects too...

Clean Document

…will run the following commands all-in-one:

  • Delete Invisible Objects

  • Delete Material-Tags

  • Delete Third-Party-Tags

  • Delete all Materials

  • Uncolorize Objects