How to install shareIO...

Installation via aeplugins manager app:

As aescripts has a lot of products now, this app makes it a lot easier to manage them!

Please download the new aescripts + aeplugins manager app to download, license and update shareIO and all your other aescripts tools in one click!

Manual-Installation (after direct download):

Unzip and copy the folder to the plugins directory of your Cinema 4D installation.

📂/CINEMA 4D RXX/plugins/

If you're using R16-R22 use the "shareIO" folder inside of "R16-R22".

If you're running any later version use the "shareIO" folder inside of "R23+".

Other Installation methods:

Cinema 4D R20 and above:

If you are using Cinema 4D R20 and above, you can place it in any folder you want and create a path to this folder like shown in the image below.



Edit -> Preferences... ⌘E

Edit -> Preferences... Ctrl+E

Restart Cinema 4D and access the Plugin from the Plugins/Extensions menu.

Remember: If C4D is running, you’ll have to restart before it gets loaded.